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Portland Oregon has Officially Started the 2nd Civil War

Insurrectionists are currently attacking a federal courthouse, and the officers within, in downtown Portland Oregon.

While the media and the left continue to call these “protests”, they are anything but. This is beyond rioting. It is an armed and uniformed, state sponsored militant group attempting besieging and attempting to overthrow federal jurisdiction within in the United States.

As the feds defend themselves from the nightly sieges, arrests have been made. The Oregon Attorney General has already sued DHS to stop the detention of these insurrectionists who have injured federal officers and attempted to burn down the courthouse on multiple occasions.

Now the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler has joined the insurrection on the front lines. In live interviews on the front lines of the riot, Wheeler tells the insurrectionists he is doing everything he can to remove the feds from the federal courthouse. This is a call from a state representative to throw out federal agents in their own jurisdiction.

While many view these two state sanctioned events in support of the insurrection a small matter, it is quite literally state sanctioned terrorism and insurrection.

Armed with explosives, militants besiege this courthouse on a nightly basis. State representatives sponsor and support the insurrection. What else do you call this?

If this were to happen to a US embassy, this would be considered an act of war. We must also consider it as such.

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